Monday, April 27, 2009

Catching up ~ Spring 09

Happy Easter!!
Family Easter Picture.

John & his buddies Lake & Karsten after their Easter egg hunt.

Playing with dad at the indoor water park.

A shot of the indoor water park we went to for a family outing on a cold, rainy spring day -- sooo fun!

Look what I cut mom! (Note the chunk of hair missing on John's forehead).

After our last spring snow melted, there was a lot of water just pooled up in various places and it was really hot, so John and some friends took a dip in the little lake that had formed in the sand volleyball court at the park.

My friend, Melissa & I (and her daughter, Sara) ~ she is due 2 weeks before me with another girl.
A classic of Spiderman at the zoo with a lollipop.

John & Isaiah on the teeter-totter.

John & Tyler having fun with Sara's baby dolls & strollers at our Playgroup Family Spring Party. :)

This is John's favorite babysitter, Megan.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Just scootin' along...

Snowmen, Scooters & Friends

With the crazy spring snow we had this year, we finally had a chance to build a snowman.

John is having a blast learning how to use the scooter that Nana & Papa gave him for Christmas.
Out for a ride with Isaiah and Spiderman.

We love our friends ~ John, Mercy & Isaiah.

Blast from the past ~ Isaiah, Mercy & John in June 2007!