Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My Mommy works at Panera! :)

As you probably know, I now officially work at my favorite restaurant/coffee shop and I have the hat and nametag to prove it.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mountain Biking

My first 'Picture(s) of the Day' post! :) John was 'helping' me with laundry, which turned into 'Mountain Biking' over the hill of laundry he created. I love his concentration, which is evident by his tongue sticking out in the first picture (click on it to make it bigger). After braving the rough terrain on his ride, he needed a little break.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Catching Up...

Sorry for the very long delay in posting anything on my blog. I am going to catch up with some pics from this fall, but from here on, I am going to try something new. My friend, Shannon, posts a picture each day on her kid's blogs, so I am going to **try** the same thing. That way, I won't have to tackle so much at once, and 'blogging' might be a bit more managable.

As for catching up with our lives this fall...
...We enjoyed wonderful visits from both my parents and Ben's cousin Ryan, his wife, Alyssa and their son, Luke.
...I have started a new part time job at Panera, which I am really enjoying so far. I am learning the cash register, coffee bar (barista), and bakery.
...John loooooved being Spiderman for Halloween and Spidey still makes his appearance at least once a day around our house.
...We are spending Thanksgiving in Indiana with Ben's family and exicted to see everyone soon!

Hiking with Ryan, Alyssa & Luke on Flagstaff Mountain.

John and Luke had a great time together.

John with neighbors (and fellow Superheros) Owen (Robin) & Cameron (Batman).

Trick-or-Treating on Pearl St. for the 'Munchkin Masquerade'.

Halloween Party with our Playgroup.

The piles of leaves are too tempting...and so much fun!

At the pumpkin patch finding the perfect pumpkins.

Grammy & Johnny in disguise.

Bukka and John as 'Skateboard guys'.

Hiking with Bukka & Grammy.

Mom, Dad & Jason (my brother) hiking up Sugarloaf Mountain.

The whole group on top of Sugarloaf Mountain.