Thursday, August 16, 2007

Swimming with friends!

We have spent some time this summer at our friend's pools. Here is John and the ladies - Caroline & Mercy. We also spent an afternoon with friends at the Boulder Resevoir, which was great fun and we so enjoyed being at a lake since they are few and far between here in Colorado. Lakes are definitely something I miss from living in Michigan!!
Friends, from L-R: Mercy, Betsy, Lauren, John, Me, Natalie, Julie & Isaiah.
John had so much fun digging in the sand. In the 2 pictures below, he is with Mercy (Mimi, as he calls her) and Isaiah (Iya, as John says) as they all discovered the thrill of sandy beaches!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Hiking & Splashing

Our friends from Michigan, Dan & Krysta, were in town this week. We went on a couple of hikes and then John had a chance to play and cool off in the Boulder Creek. He had a blast!