Saturday, February 9, 2008

Winter Family Hike

We went on a hike today on this great trail in North Boulder. It's scenic and perfect for a toddler since it's pretty flat & easy, as John now wants to walk by himself (not to mention that mom and dad certainly don't mind the break from carrying him in the backpack or pushing him in the stroller)! When I asked John if he was enjoying the hike, his response was, "Yes! Big Hiking!" :) It will be a fun trail to hit when the weather warms up since there is a stream & lots of rocks to climb and play on.
Quick family shot while hiking.

Playing in the snow.
The boys waiting for mommy (who is of course stopping to take too many pictures)!

Hummm...Lions & Tigers & Bears - OH MY!

Mommy & Johnny checking out the stream.

Following in daddy's footsteps with a love for the woods & trails!

Very happy hiker!!

Another happy hiker!

John-John confidently leading the way.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Cute things John says!

John has become quite the spunky 2 year old. I just wanted to share a couple of fun things he has said. Recently, when we have gone to church, John has walked into the church and pointed to the sanctuary saying, "Sing to God!" He hasn't wanted to go into the toddler room because he is more interested in going in with the adults so that he can "Sing to God!" The interest only lasts a couple of minutes and then off to the kid's area to play with toys, but the fact that he has picked up even a tiny bit on what we do at church is priceless. The other night when Ben and John arrived at the church for their Wed. evening activities, everything was cancelled because we had just gotten a bunch of snow. John was upset that he couldn't go in, so Ben tried to explain in 2 year old terms by telling him that "the church went Nite-Nite." When they arrived home, John then told me the reason that they had come home early by saying, "Mommy, God is sleeping." :) Another cute one - tonight we were at a friend's house watching the Super Bowl. John wanted me to come downstairs to play with him and I told him that I would be down in a few minutes. He kept persuading, with a final determined command, "Mommy, Obey!" HA! :) Oh, the things they understand and pick up on...and then repeat! Enjoy the pictures.