Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy New Year!

Whew! Life sure has been crazy over the past month with Ben losing his job, the job search beginning, and the holidays. We enjoyed having my parents in town over Christmas and the chance to rest & refocus a bit before the new year began and we really had to face what the unknowns of our new situation. I will update my blog from time to time, but will be lucky to get a 'picture of the month' up vs. a 'picture of the day'. Oh much for good intentions. :)

John turned 3 on Jan. 7th and is jumping into little boyhood with both feet (and Spiderman light up shoes on those feet to boot). He said to me when he was sad that I had to leave for work (at Panera), "But I'm ok mommy because my Spiderman light up shoes make me feel better.' Ahhh, the days when it was that easy for our problems to be resolved. He had been talking about getting those shoes for months and finally Grammy came to town and saved the day. He had actually convinced himself that his other pairs of shoes light up, but he is more than thrilled to have the real thing!

We have no news on the job front. Ben is working hard looking for a job, follow-up leads & getting his resume out there. Once he is officially finished with his job on Jan. 17th, I will increase my hours a bit at Panera to help make ends meet. We are trying to make the best of this unexpected and challenging situation, while remaining grateful for the support of our friends & family and hopeful in God's love, grace, provision & plans.

Here is our family picture from Christmas Eve, which I would have used for a late Christmas card picture had I sent one. :)