Sunday, June 22, 2008

Friday Fun!

We have started a new Friday activity with our friends Heather & Lake. John and I meet up with Heather and Lake on our bikes. We then bike down to the Boulder Creek Path for some fun at the park and throwing rocks into the creek. After playing by the creek for a little bit, we head a few blocks over to Pearl St. for "Noon Tunes" where they have a great band playing for an hour. There, we listen to music, have a picnic and *think* about playing around in the splash park (the boys have yet to actually venture into the water). John and I then take the bus back home (there is a bike rack on the front of the bus for me to put my bike), which is super exciting for John and saves mama a 5 mile ride uphill. It's a blast!! We are definitely planning to make this a regular summer Friday activity. :)
Heather, Lake & John having lunch on Pearl St.

John & Lake at the Splash Park.

To get wet or not to get wet...that is the question?

Come on, Lake...let's go dance!!

John and Lake dancing to the tunes!

John loves the bus ride!

Good times in June

Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Baby and The Little Girl

Our friends from Michigan, Laurent, Julie, Lucie & Agathe Porte, came to Colorado on vacation and stayed with us for a week. We had a great week taking them all over Boulder and up into the mountains to Breckenridge. The whole week, John referred to his new friends as 'The baby and the little girl.' He would wake up in the morning asking, "Mama, where is the little girl?" :) Lucie and John were great playmates and hiking buddies. Lucie even took quite a liking to John's cars while she was here and was willing to put aside her baby doll to take a car with her when we went out. Ben and I so enjoyed reconnecting with Julie and Laurent and showing them around our new city and home. Here are some pics from our time together.