Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pumpkin Patch 2011

So, it's been almost a year since I posted on our family blog, and while I do not make any unreasonable claims that I *may* actually post more than once a year, I had some fun putting together a little collage (using Picasa), and figured that I would dust off our blog a bit. :) And, maybe, just maybe, I will make some more digital collages and post them right here on this little blog, too. Here's to hoping!

Cottonwood Farm ~ Boulder, CO

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

First snow of 2010!

The snow and cooler weather is finally upon us. Thank you, fall, for staying so long and blessing us with your warmth, beautiful colors, and sunshine! Now, onto winter. John is so excited about the snow. He was jumping up and down today saying, "Winter came today!"

The snow was fun, but we spent most of the day cozy and warm inside the house. We played Go Fish; we danced; we played with Superheros; we made and decorated cookies. There wasn't any theme or holiday we were decorating for...just homemade sugar cookies with frosting and sprinkles, per John's request.
And played with John's drill set.

Sammy played, too.

Look at that concentration. :) He is a very determined little fella.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fall in Boulder

The boys at the Munchkin Masquerade on Pearl St.
John and his friend, Lake, playing on the rocks on Pearl St.

Sammy fell in love with lollipops during all of the Halloween festivities.


And, finally, the grand finale of Halloween - trick-or-treating with John's best buddy, Isaiah! The little Superheros took the neighborhood by storm and had a blast!

And, some of the wee trick-or-treaters, Sammy and Sophia.

This week, we have had temps in the 70's, so we are making the most of our beautiful weather. One day, we hit the zoo with the Lillies - Jenni, Anna & Justin. Here are Anna and John with mama lion behind them.

Another beautiful day at playgroup - when we asked John and Mercy what they were doing, the reply was, 'We are on a date.' :) Oh, I love it.
Showing mama some of his stunts.

Sammy's stunts are still a bit tamer.

On an early evening walk. Sam loves this little car.

At Isaiah's soccer game.

Sammy's getting the hang of it.

Cute boy!

My dear friend, Natalie (Isaiah's mama), with Sammy and another cutie-pie, Emy.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

A beautiful fall day...

It was a fabulous fall day today in Boulder, so after having a nice morning together at home & playing in the backyard, we took off on our bikes and ended up at the Boulder Creek and a local park.
Hello from the sandbox. :)
Enjoying the fall colors down at the Boulder Creek.
Testing out the water.
Climbing, finding sticks, throwing rocks, jumping...repeat. Happy boy!

Come on, daddy. Let's go this way.

Friday, October 29, 2010

The Huntoon Halloween

It's not even Halloween yet, but we have already had 2 parties, so here is a preview of the boys in costume (Ironman and Spidey). Let the fun begin!!
John made a costume change once we got home to match his lil' bro.
Mama and her Spideys!

Monday, October 18, 2010

A Huntoon Weekend...

Ben's parents were here for the weekend...we had a great time playing around Boulder, at a pumpkin patch and at Rocky Mountain National Park. What a beautiful weekend to have family in town and enjoy Colorado!

Sammy taking in the view at Rocky Mountain National Park.
The boys at the Pumpkin Patch...

Sweet baby Sammy!

Matching jammies.

John near Emerald Lake on our hike at Rocky Mountain National Park...yes, that is snow behind him on the mountains. :)

Papa (Dave - Ben's dad), John & Ben...I love the sunlight streaming down as they look out onto Dream Lake, one of the three lakes we saw on our hike at RMNP.

Nana & Papa with the boys during a stop at RMNP to get a close-up view of the elk.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Celebrating Sammy!

Our sweet Sammy-boy (or Sam-Sam, or Sam-Bam, or Samster) turned ONE on August 26th! He is such a joy to all of us! He is a fun-loving, spunky little guy who is always on the move in some form or fashion. When music plays, he starts dancing; when he sees his chance to get up the stairs or out an open door or play in a toilet, he crawls like mad in that direction (until he is caught, of course); when his brother is laying on the ground, Sammy is climbing on top of him. Sammy wants to be where the action is and where the people are, waving to and charming anyone who passes by. He is a smiley, chatty, happy (and sometimes fiesty) baby boy and we are so thankful that he is in our lives! Here are some birthday pics along with some others of our cute boy (and his family)!

I love this picture of Sammy's fun personality and adorable smile. :)
All of us at Rocky Mountain National Park on a camping trip this summer.

Sammy had 2 little with friends and one with family. In this one, he is wearing the same birthday hat that John wore on his first birthday.

Yep, a mess. But, hardly a lick got in his mouth.

Celebrating with his birthday buddy, Isaiah, and big brother, John.

What mud?

Hummmm...maybe they won't notice how dirty I am?

Sammy thinks his big brother is the best!

The boys loved their visit from Bukka...

...and Grammy (who watched the boys while Ben and I went backpacking - thanks Mom and Dad)! :)

Are you looking for me??

Where are we off to next, mom?

Hello world!

What fun it is to play at the creek!

The big 1 year old.